Call for Product Availability Before Placing Your Order

Store Policies

Pick Up Furniture

A customer may pick up their purchased furniture from Raleigh Discount Furniture’s physical location. There is no charge for this. If a customer chooses to pick up their purchased furniture, then the customer is responsible for any tie down products and securing their furniture in their transportation. A sales associate or warehouse worker will help load the furniture into the transportation but will not secure it.

Delivery Service

  • Raleigh Discount Furniture outsources their delivery service. This is NOT an internal service. Raleigh Discount Furniture will provide quote and scope of work available for each delivery which can vary on a case by case scenario before the purchase is made. Delivery charges are paid to the delivery service and are NOT included in the pricing of the furniture unless otherwise stated.

  • There are two services offered for the delivery service option: Delivery Drop off to floor of your choice and Delivery Set-Up which includes installation and trash removal as well as bringing furniture to the selected floor. This service is only available for items purchased from Raleigh Discount Furniture. If a customer has furniture not purchased from Raleigh Discount Furniture that they need moved, delivered, installation services for, or removal then it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Raleigh Discount Furniture before the delivery takes place. There will be an additional service charge by the outsourced delivery company separate from the delivery price for Raleigh Discount Furniture purchased products. Raleigh Discount Furniture takes NO responsibility for products NOT purchased from Raleigh Discount Furniture and will only warranty products that have been purchased in the store or online.

  • Delivery fees are NOT INCLUDED with price of product unless otherwise stated. They are a separate fee from Raleigh Discount Furniture.

  • Delivery window: Our outsourced delivery company will give a 1-2 hour window for time of delivery to arrive. If a customer is not present during that time window agreed on during time of sale, then there will be a "wait fee" of $25 per 30 minutes if the delivery service has to wait. The maximum time outside the delivery time window the delivery service will wait is 1 hour OR decided at the discretion of the delivery service. If a customer misses their scheduled delivery service, then Raleigh Discount Furniture will have the delivery service bring back the furniture for a rescheduled delivery date and there will be a "canceled delivery" fee of $50 associated for that. The "canceled delivery" has to be paid regardless if the customer decides to pick up after missing the first scheduled delivery.


  • Availability of Raleigh Discount Furniture’s offered products can vary. Most in store products are typically in stock, however inventory levels can fluctuate due to busy months and time of year. Online products can range from 1 day to 6 weeks for availability from the manufacturer. Please call the store if the customer has a question about availability for a specific product before purchasing.

  • If furniture is in stock with the manufacturer but not in stock at Raleigh Discount Furniture’s physical location, normal times for arrival range from 1-10 business days.

  • Delivery fees are NOT INCLUDED with price of product unless otherwise stated. They are a separate fee from Raleigh Discount Furniture.

  • If furniture is out of stock or is considered a "special order" then normal times for arrival range from 3-6 weeks.

Damaged Furniture

  • ALL damaged furniture must be reported with 48 hours from the time of pick up or delivery. If customer will not be opening the furniture immediately then that must be noted on the receipt at the time of the sale. Failure to report damages in a timely manner noted above will result in the customer assuming full responsibility for said damaged furniture. No exceptions.

  • Pick Up: If the customer picks up the furniture and has a damage upon opening the product, then the customer is responsible for bringing back the furniture to the store location to swap out for a new piece. Before returning to the location, please call the store to verify that piece is in stock. If the damaged piece is not in stock, Raleigh Discount Furniture will need to order the piece for replacement and that may require a wait time. The sales associate will discuss this with the customer during the phone call or email. The customer is allowed to use the damaged piece until the new one arrives. If the customer has another delivery service not offered by Raleigh Discount Furniture, this is considered the same policy as a "Pick Up" customer. We do NOT warranty the work of an outside delivery company not suggested by Raleigh Discount Furniture.

  • Delivery: If the customer uses a delivery service ONLY provided by Raleigh Discount Furniture, then Raleigh Discount Furniture is responsible for replacing and swapping out the customer’s damaged piece at no additional cost. The customer must still pay the original delivery fee upfront after the original delivery takes place. The customer can still use the damaged piece until the new one arrives. There may be a wait time depending on availability, please consult with your sales rep or call the store for more details. If the customer has moved since the original delivery, then Raleigh Discount Furniture reserves the right to charge for extra mileage or flights of stairs if different from the first delivery when doing the replacement delivery.

  • If furniture is out of stock or is considered a "special order" then normal times for arrival range from 3-6 weeks.

Damage Claims

Please send ALL damage claims OR warranty claims to [email protected]. Please see below information required for any claim to be processed. Failure to provide the following information will result in the claim not being processed. Any product sold "AS IS" or as a "FLOOR MODEL" is not subject to a claim and cannot be processed as such. A customer service rep will respond to your email within 48 hours after an email has been sent. If emails are sent on the weekend, the please allow an extra 24 hours to that response time. Text messages are not considered emails and will not be processed when filing claims.

  • (1) photo of the damage up close
  • (1) photo of the damaged piece in full view
  • (1) photo of the law tag (location of tag varies)
  • Brief description of the issue you are having and what is going on with the product
  • Sales rep name
  • Date of purchase, name of purchaser on sales receipt, or copy of sales receipt

Terms of Service/Sale Policy

  • ALL sales are FINAL. Anything PAID IN FULL is a final sale. There are NO REFUNDS or CANCELLATIONS for a PAID IN FULL TICKET.

  • A 20% restocking fee on total purchase price (NOT DEPOSIT) will be charged for ALL canceled orders with a balance owed (a lay-a-way ticket.)

  • ANY ticket not picked up, delivered, or paid in full after 90 days from date of purchase is considered abandoned. Store credit and refunds for deposits made towards ticket balance will not be issued and customer forfeits any of the above payments. A customer that needs longer than 90 days will be give an extra 30-60 days from original date of ticket as long as (2) additional payments equal to the first payment have been within the first 90 days. No exceptions. Price increases may occur if tickets exceed 90 days.

  • Any type of refund is subject to a 10-day holding term.

  • A chargeback fee of $35 will be assessed to any returned or bounced checks

  • Transactions ran over the phone are subject to a fee which the store will disclose before the charge is made.